Ready to Take Your Health & Wellness Business to the Next Level?

You CAN have a successful clinic or studio that creates an impact, pays you much more, sets you free AND gives you a full life with plenty of time to enjoy your success.

Oh, and gives you the retirement or profitable exit strategy that will keep you and your family in financial independence for decades. How?

It simply requires a different approach, one you haven’t been taught yet.

We can help you put these changes in place.

I understand that there may be some resistance at first to getting help. I hear this a lot from people who are overwhelmed.

Sometimes, it seems like getting the help you need to get control of your business and experience more freedom is going to take up a lot of time you (already) don’t have.

Or maybe you’re unsure if you can afford to invest in yourself, or are afraid it won’t pay off?

(There is so much talk about “the cost” rather than “the incredible return on investment”.)

I’ve worked with hundreds of clinic and studio owners like these, who were under the weight of complexity, until they got our help and then saw their businesses and lives completely transform.

The results they experienced were transformational, and the only regret they told me they had was talking themselves out of working with us (perhaps as you have been) until the time was “right”.

Simply put, they wished they had made the decision to reach out and talk to us for free, much sooner than they had.

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Client Success Story: Ruth S

Ruth was constantly stuck in appointments, working harder, but never actually growing her business.

The only thing that was growing was the hours she was working. It was also starting to have a massive impact on her home life.

With coaching from Katie and the team at Thrive she began to believe that she could grow her business, but more importantly she knew that she was able to do it in a way that was true to her values.

Her journey started with a discovery call and asking for help to get out of the pattern she was in.

Thrive Coaching Programs

We currently have 2 coaching programs to help our clients depending upon what stage they are at in their business journey.

Activate Transformational Program:

For businesses looking to get up to 10k months consistently

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Elevate Transformational Program:

For businesses already consistently at 10k months and looking to grow to the next level

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